Jerry and Lynda opened Boyd’s Outlaw Sleep Centers in 2004, after waiting a year for it to be built. Now located in the Safeway shopping center.

Jerry has been in the mattress business over 40 years, starting in Sales, and working his way up to Sales-Trainer for a large name-brand chain of stores.

Jerry wanted to outlaw high prices and incorporated that into his company name.

“Here comes the Outlaw,” they’d say. A nickname that has stuck with him all these years, a Registered Trade name, too. Jerry created this business using his nickname against everyone’s advice. Now, 14 years later, Jerry sells more mattresses than almost all of his competition combined.

Using our own trucks — picking up mattresses from Phoenix and Los Angeles — Boyd’s gets it quicker, delivers to your house faster, and has a 60 night trial on his premium mattresses. We have great customer service, and knowledgeable sales people to help you with making a purchase that is customized to your needs, and wants. We can do same-day delivery in town, if the item is in stock. Zero interest financing with good credit, and bad credit financing available with interest. We have donated to the Red Cross, and most of the shelters around the area to help our community every chance we get. We carry the absolute best brands in the bedroom furnishing business from Spring Air to Chattam & Wells.

The Boyd family name has been in Kingman for over 70 years, so let us earn your business and continue to help this community flourish.

Urban Green Organic Latex Mattress
Quilted Cover
Comfort Guide

Customized for Your Ideal Comfort

Our Urban Green Organic Latex Mattress can be customized to match your firmness preference, with each layer available in 100% Natural Latex in soft, medium, firm or extra firm. The example below shows our most popular mattress configuration. Over the life of your mattress, you can rearrange or replace these layers in your own home to achieve a different firmness, based on your changing needs.

100% Natural and Organic Materials

Our Urban Green Organic Latex Mattress combine the perfect mix of 100% natural and organic layers to create a mattress that’s truly tailored for you. We use 100% Natural and Organic Knit Cotton for our Quilted Covers.

100% Natural Latex
Natural Jamal Wool
Natural & Organic Cotton

The Urban Green Organic Latex Mattress Difference

Our Urban Green Organic Latex Mattresses are completely customizable for both you and your partner. With the ability to choose your comfort, split layers, and add on an adjustable base for ultimate relaxation, we can guarantee satisfaction and great sleep for years to come .

Naturally Adaptive

The natural and unique cell structure of the material allows latex to be flexible and envelop your body, while still supporting your body. The structure also provides relief for primary pressure points throughout the night.

Dynamic Support

Latex instantly reacts and adjusts to changes in position to give the body maximum comfort and back support. Its unique ability to conform alleviates areas of high pressure that cause you to toss and turn at night.

Stay Cool

The natural properties of latex layers allow air to flow naturally in the mattress. Latex whisks away moisture and regulates your temperature throughout the night, without trapping heat like traditional mattresses.

Studies show that latex is 300% more resistant
to dust mites than ordinary mattresses

This as a game-changer for allergy sufferers

Latex is naturally hypo-allergenic. Its anti-microbial properties inhibit dust mites, mold, and mildew from thriving. Because latex is a product of pin core construction with thousands of tiny air channels that provide natural ventilation, mildew, staphylococcus and other bacteria can’t live in latex foam, making it the perfect choice for allergy sufferers and anyone wanting to breathe fresh, clean air while they sleep.

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